The Pillars of Ganesha Construction

As we started our business, the aim in mind was to build each home as if it is our own by visualizing perfection. As we bring together the affection & harmony one awaits in their own space, it is our privilege to make a home for every individual & every family that radiates style outside & comfort inside.

Yogesh Mewani

Chairman & Managing Director/Founder

Born on 6th July, 1982. Yogesh Mewani along with his father Mahesh Mewani founded Ganesha Construction in the year 2003 & Started his journey in the construction industry. After completing a Bachelor's in Commerce from Mumbai University hi started his first project in Navi Mumbai which was a success after that there was no looking back.

His Aim was to fabricate residential complexes for the social class which meant providing homes at cost effective prices. By understanding the cost of living on the rise, he did not want to compromise on the comfort & Luxury that every individual desired. That is when he started building affordable housing since 2003 on the pastures of Kalyan/Navi Mumbai where bringing together various shades of comfort, Lavishness, Grace, Ambiance, Style & most importantly QUALITY construction promising.

Apart from the range of successfully completed & more upcoming projects , Yogesh has many achievements & honors to his name.

Hitane Mewani

Marketing Head & Co-Founder

Born on 6th November, 1985 Hitane Mewani joined his Family business in the year 2009. Having hte Opportunity of making a huge career in the UK, he did what a true indian would do. After Achieving a Masters in Business Administraton with the specialization in Marketing from Cardiff University, he returned to india to utilize his knowledge & expertise by joining his elder brother Yogesh Mewani.

Hitane used his marketing research techniques and formally introduced the company abd gave it a new horizon. He out his associates to good use through which the organization progressed. He also got well acquainted with entrepreneurs to market the company.

Today Ganesha Construction is a well known name in the corporate world as well & not only for residential complexes but commercial as well.

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