This emerging node of the satellite city is appreciating at a geometric rate, with good reason:

Even as the realty rates have appreciated between 10 and 30 per cent across the metropolis, there’s something unprecedented happening at the low-profile Navi Mumbai node of Ulwe. From less than Rs 2000 per square feet till just a couple of years ago, the going rate in Ulwe has today shot up to Rs 4,000/- Sqft to 5,000/- Sqft. registering a phenomenal appreciation of more than 100 per cent in just two years - easily the highest growth rate in the entire Mumbai metropolitan region.

It’s not just a handful of projects that are underway, but developers in Ulwe have sold homes by the thousands in the past few months."When CIDCO announced its major residential project in Ulwe in October 2009 and simultaneously the positive news on the Sewri-Navi Mumbai sea link came in. Ulwe just took off." says Sujeet Singh, Director, Victory Greenhouse Developers, whose project Victory Aura is underway in Ulwe. Similarly the nearby nodes have also become hot property due to their proximity to South Mumbai in the post-sea link era. Where nodes like Ulwe were considered the back of beyond no sooner the trans-harbor link becomes operational in a few years these nodes are expected to emerge as happening real estate destinations.

“The 25-kilometre long will bring these new-remote areas within 15-minutes of South Mumbai, giving a major boost to property prices in the region. The Investors and genuine end-users have already identified the potential of these nodes, and the sharp Increase in rates is indicative of the future potential or these areas,” says Sherry Gill of Datta Homes. Who’s bullish about his Ulwe project and the node future Given that there's still a wide gap between the reality rate of these emerging nodes and the developed nodes of Navi Mumbai- and suburbs of Mumbai for that matter, local developers feel there’s still scope for further appreciation in the new nodes. “If we compare Mumbai and Navi Mumbai the satellite city has quality infrastructure. The distance between two places in Mumbai- say Borivali and Andheri - is nearly the same as that between two Navi Mumbai nodes of Vashi and Belapur. However, to get to Andheri from Borivali it lakes about one hour and fifteen minutes for a poison. Where as we can reach Belapur from Vashi in just 15 minutes, thanks to the well-constructed Expensive roads says Hitane Mewani of Ganesha Construction, Ulwe. adding that aspiring buyers with limited budgets can go for homes In the upcoming nodes like Ulwe and Dronagiri which are well located and are close to Belapur as well as Mumbai across the creek.

Meanwhile, a few kilometers away, some areas of the satellite city's mainland are registering sharp growth due to their respective individual factors While Kamothe and Kalamboli are growing faster than the other stabilized nodes due to their proximity to the proposed airport project, the upcoming Vichumbe is catching the fancy of homebuyers due to its proximity to the proposed Special Economic Zone on the outskirts of Panvel.

“The really price in each of these emerging locations has appreciated by almost 40 per cent in the past one year, thanks to the heavy bookings by investors as well as end-users The best part about these locations is that the requisite infrastructure and proper connectivity is being simultaneously developed, so that all the nodes are self-sufficient with all the civic amenities by the time the nodes are fully developed in a few years time.” says Yogesh Mewani, adding that once all the proposed infrastructural development activity is executed in five years time, the prices of these locations could well be at par with the developed nodes of Navi Mumbai like Vashi and Nerul. “We expect the rate of Ulwe to touch Rs. 5,000 per square foot in a year’s time, once CIDCO gives possession of homes in its Unnati scheme and people start moving in,” he said.

Airport buzz boosts realty rates further

With the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) giving its green signal and preliminary work on the proposed airport at Navi Mumbai commencing the real estate developers in the area are a happy lot. After the formal announcement of the approval, the real estate rates in the area have shot up appreciably.

The demand for real estate in areas like Ulwe has gone up. The situation is such that the demand is far more than supply. This has resulted in a drastic hike in property rates in the area. While there was some uncertainty over the airport initially and resulted a panic among builders who had made huge investments, things took a turn for the better once the airport project was formally approved. As an immediate effect, the properly rates in the area have gone up by Rs 500 to Rs 1000 per sq ft.

And experts feel that the upward trend in real estate prices in Ulwe and nearby areas is here to stay says one local developer. "After the approval, property rates in Ulwe alone went up to Rs 3500 from Rs 3000 per Sq. foot. There has been sudden increase in the demand. Earlier, when there was uncertainty over the airport we used to sell one to two flats per week. But since the approval, the number has gone up to 10-12 flats a week." The developer anticipates that the real estate prices in Ulwe will soon touch Rs 5000 per Sq. ft. "There will be more increase in demand and prices too once work on the airport actually commences." he said, adding that investors who bought early when Ulwe node first opened up a couple of years ago have already seen the value of their investments double in a short span of time.

Developers in Ulwe layout the red carpet with fine homes and amenities to match.

The red carpet has been laid for those who choose to invest in lavish, king-size and larger than life properties. Welcome to the projects that have sure been planned for the satellite city but have a global appeal indeed’ Right from the lobby of the building to the design on the living rooms, the builders have indeed scooped out the best lifestyle deals for home buyers looking at Ulwe and nearby areas.

For instance, Shah Builders, who have big stakes in the Kharghar node, have planned about nine properties in the developing node. Most of their properties are around Sectors 2-6 and 20-21. Right from flats to villas, they have various options to offer. Their projects look international and have lavish lifestyle amenities for each of their project. Swimming pools and gymnasiums are common, but Shah Group provides out of the world amenities that represent their signature style.

Ganesha Construction has lined up attractive homes, in addition to the extremely inspiring lifestyle amenities that they are providing at each of their projects. They have properties at Ulwe projects where luxury blend with grandeur. Their major projects are Sai Nakshatra at Sector 18, Ulwe respectively. One of their most interesting lifestyle amenities is international branded bathroom fitting with water mixers & walls having a Gypsum finishing.

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